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hello i'm jisu and my life has been taken over by seven idiots ( )

today has been a small variety of thoughts, and this is one of them.

i think it’s important to walk alongside people.

you’re not chasing them, because if you are chasing, they are valuing themselves over you. but you’re also not squeezing them into all of your own needs, because if you are squeezing, you are valuing yourself over them.

you are simply walking alongside each other. you are valuing them as much as you value yourself, and they are doing the same. 

because of this mutual feeling, you don’t betray one another - as it would be like betraying yourself. you won’t be jealous or envious, because their gains are your gains. you’ll have compassion for their problems, and feel joy in their happinesses, and they will too, for you.

so i think it’s important to walk alongside people.

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“I reached the conclusion that I am just me. I’m not an idol, I’m not an artist, I’m not hip hop, not anything. I am just me. I am Rap Monster. I am Kim Namjoon.” #BTSRapMonday 

Anonymous asked:
Hi!!! Is there a video link to yoongi reading your letter? I really want to see it! ;;

there is!!

the full video can be found on mnet here

and you can watch it on youtube in parts [a,b,c,d]

and that particular gifset is from part d starting from 9:45~!

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"I don’t know. Maybe I dropped my dreams for success." — Min Yoongi (x)

happy chuseok with bangtan♡