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est 10/03/14. 98% bangtan. status: hiatus
hello i'm jisu and my life has been taken over by seven idiots ( )
1997/09/01 The Angel was Born {}

he (still) thinks he’s cute

ohyeah legit hiatus-ing until the 18th of sep because i just realised how much work i haven’t done ha…. ha…. and exams start from the 8th…. ha…… ha……..

there’s nothing on queue and this hiatus very impromptu but i need to get my grades up to have comfort in my heart so cya later! =u=

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Anonymous asked:
post/95721279190/okay-this-is-probably-a-stupid-question-but-what-song you didn't mention supboi here at all XD

soz i’m in da wrong and u win lmfao dONGHYUK’S HOOK then ^u^

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